What is Chandrayaan 3 mission2023? When will it launch?

What is Chandrayaan 3 mission 2023? When will it launch?Chandrayaan-3

Chandrayaan-3 mission

Chandrayaan-3 mission is the most powerful Indian lunar mission run by the Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO.  This mission has been conducted after Chandrayaan 2. The goal of this mission is to go to the surface of the moon and gather information about the major elements of it.  Chandrayaan 3 involves new technological and scientific efforts.

Chandrayaan-3 Mission

Chandrayaan 2 2019  will probably be an Indian who will be able to forget.    Chandrayaan-2  had started malfunctioning from about  2.1 km above the surface and deviated from its path. If India could land  Vikram Lander safely on the moon at that time, India would have become the fourth country to land on the moon.  But maybe God didn’t approve of it.

A few months before India’s Chandrayaan 2, Israel had also been defeated on the moon.

The Israeli Space Agency Space Alka Way cylinder was hard landed due to a software technology landing on the moon.

But India did not give up but learned from the mistake and decided that chandrayaan-3 mission was launched in July 2023, years ago there are many types of articles on the Chandrayaan 3 mission, what will be the equipment in this mission, and what will be the work on the moon.

Chandrayaan-3 mission launching date and place

chandrayaan-3 mission ,lanching date :     14 july 2023

chandrayaan-3 mission, lanching time :       2:35 pm IST

Chandrayaan-2 is scheduled to be launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, Tirupati district of Andhra Pradesh, India at 2.35  pm Indian time on July 12

The Chandrayaan 3 spacecraft, which will be launched by LVM III, Lunch Vehicle Mark III,  earlier known as GSLVM III, will be launched

chandrayaan-3 in hindi 

What is the Chandrayaan 3 mission and on which pole of the moon will it land? Chandrayaan-3 Mission Details

Chandrayaan-3 mission is a project of the Indian Space Agency, whose primary objective will be to successfully land, a lander and some on the lunar surface, but this mind mission is becoming so complex because Chandrayaan 3 mission has to be done on the south pole of the moon.

The problem at the South Pole is that we cannot communicate directly with anything on the South Pole, nor will the communication happen at the right time, nor can we communicate directly from their South Pole, so landing here becomes so complicated.

There will be no room for error at the South Pole.  Not knowing much about the position of Bhavali at the South Pole makes the landing of the Chandrayaan 3 mission so complicated here.  ISRO’s Chandrayaan also had a crash landing on the South Pole.


Why Chandrayaan 3 mission spacecraft is being landed on the South Pole?

chandrayaan-3 South Pole moon

Despite the landing being so difficult, chandrayaan-3 mission is being landed on the south pole because Chandrayaan 1 also landed on the south pole and Chandrayaan One discovered water on the south pole of the moon later NASA’s Lunar Orbiter confirmed that water is indeed present on the south pole of the moon.  It happened.

There are craters in this area of the moon that are always away from sunlight, so we can get water there and due to being away from the sun’s radiation, if we get a sign of life in those cricketers, then it will be a big discovery.

official website Indian Space Research Organisation (isro.gov.in)

What is present in Chandrayaan 3 mission spacecraft?

The Chandrayaan-3 mission consists of a lander, a rover, and a propulsion module.  This is the most powerful mission to date, the lander Robert in Chandrayaan 3  mission will be similar to Chandrayaan 2’s Vikram Lander, but with some better advancement, Chandrayaan 3 will have a professional module in Chandrayaan 2,  which will orbit the moon like an orbiter.

Propulsion Module Chandrayaan-3 Mission

Or there will be a box-type structure with solar panels for energy on one side, on top of it there is a large cylindrical structure which can also be called an inter-model adapter cone, which is also installed to mount the lander and additionally, the main thrusters to control direction and speed.

The function of propulsion

In the Chandrayaan-3 mission, the task of the propulsion module was basically to carry the lander to a specific area of the moon, prepare the lander for landing in a specific orientation and serve for communication between the lander and ground control.


Chandrayaan-3 mission lander

This disparity is in the shape of a box,  it will have four legs to land on the surface, and it will have B lander thrusters to land at the time of landing.

The lander weighs about 7552 kg, it also has a row bar of about 26 kg, due to which solar panels will be installed on the site which will supply energy.

The biggest difficulty for ISRO in this mission is to successfully land on the lunar surface.

lander chandrayaan-3

Chandrakant 3 mission has additional equipment

  • Laser Doppler velocimeter (LVD)
  • Laser Altimeter (lasa)
  • LAR
  • Star sensor
  • Ilsa payload


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