Vande Bharat Express 1st bullet train. How is the Vande Bharat Express train? Why is it different from another train?

Vande Bharat Express 1st train. How is the Vande Bharat Express train? Why is it different from another train? What is the ticket price?

Vande bharat express Indian Railways for its passengers. He has brought a great gift. Vande Bharat is the same train.  Which is Indian. It can also be known as a bullet train. It is a matter of pride for every Indian.

The plaything is that this train has broken the record for bullet trains. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has flagged off this train.

Passengers traveling in it will be able to travel at a high speed and in a very short time.  After battling the pandemic and other problems in the past years,  such good news has finally been heard in the country.  And this information was given by Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw himself.

The Prime Minister was invited to launch this Vande Bharat express train.  Vande Bharat Train from Delhi to Varanasi.  And running between Delhi and Katra.  And many passengers travel on this route.  Let’s know what is special about this Vande Bharat Express train.

Vande Bharat Express train. How is the Vande Bharat Express train? Why is it different from the rest of the train?

Why is the vande bharat express train special?

The main feature of this train is its speed, if we talk about its speed, then the  Vande Bharat train again scored an achievement of 100km/h  in 52 seconds during the trial.   He broke the record of the bullet train by catching the speed of kilometers per hour.

Which is a big thing in itself. Because the bullet train is able to achieve this speed. It takes 54.6 seconds.  Along with this train. The maximum speed is 180 kilometers per hour. It has been measured.

The second feature of the vande bharat express train is the design of the train.

The train has been designed and built in such a way that you will get shocks in it. You won’t feel it at all.  That is, you will not need to handle your body when the train stops.  Not only this, the more amazing thing is that due to its superior right quality, the glass of water will not even spill in the moving train.

India has prepared this entire train within the country.  Because this train is Made in India.  The entire train made under Make in India was initially named TAT.  It was completed in just 18 months. Built at a cost of around Rs 100,00,00,000, this train is considered to be very cheap in terms of available features.

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 Some special features of Vande Bharat

Vande Bharat Express is an Indian lens, it runs only on electricity.

There are a total of 16 coaches on this train.  Of these, 14 are chair class and two are executives.

There are 78 chairs in a chair class. The same educator. In class.  There are up to 52 chairs.

About the engine of Vande Bharat Express.

Vande Bharat Express  will be equipped with a self-propelled engine

That is, there will be no separate engine as is installed separately in other trains, as well as it will have a loco pilot cabin on both the front and rear

About The Vande Bharat train express

GPS for live location

Vande Bharat Express will have a GPS system, that is, we can find its location from our mobile from time to time and find out the project location.

Its location can be easily checked on mobile and its time and station will be shown on the mobile app on time.

Equipped with CCTV cameras

Generally, people always complain that they do not find it safe to travel by train alone, but let us tell you that CCTV cameras have been installed on this train in terms of security.


Vande Bharat Express will have vacuum bio-toilets, usually, the problem of dirty toilets in Indian Railways persists, in view of this, cleanliness and vacuum base bio-toilets have been made in Vande Bharat Express like in the flight and they will always be clean.

For emergency

Keeping safety in mind in Vande Bharat Express, everyone’s emergency push button has been provided, which passengers will be able to push easily in case of any emergency,  that is, three to four people will not have to pull the chain of the train together.

Chair Texture Style of Chair

The Vande Bharat train has a European-style chair which will be very comfortable for the passenger, it is of golden wallet and pink color, in which luxury feelings are going to be experienced when sitting.

वंदे भारत ट्रेन the Vande Bharat express train , Indian bullet train

Doors of Vande Bharat Express

The doors in the Vande Bharat Express train will have automatic slides as we see in the metro train, the doors are automatically opened by sliding which will open and close when the station arrives. This is a very good advantage. It will stop and open at the designated station.

The doorbell will ring even before opening the door in the Vande Bharat train and the alarm will ring before closing so that those who get down and get alerted

AC coach in Vande Bharat Express train

The Vande Bharat Express train will have a central AC that will keep the temperature of the entire coach normal.

Temperature Control

In the Vande Bharat Express train coach, there will be a temperature controller near some seats so that passengers can control it according to their needs, and increase or decrease the temperature.

That is, now you can control it according to your own when cold and hot weather changes.

Display board in Vande Bharat train

Like the Vande Bharat Express trains, there will be a display board in each coach, which will keep writing in it when the next station arrives, as it writes in the metro train, and at the same time, the announcement of that station will be made and the emergency number will be displayed in this display.

Mini pantry in Vande Bharat Express train

Just as Rajdhani Express has a mini pantry, this  Vande Bharat Express train will have a mini pantry facility, i.e. breakfast facility will be available on this train.

 Power supply in Bande Bharat train

If we talk about power, then like other trains, power will be supplied by electricity but there will be no diesel engine in it and this power will be supplied to the train engine with the help of wires installed above and from the electric devices installed on top of the train. Therefore, transformers are installed under the train, which supplies the engine by increasing or increasing the voltage as required

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