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PM Shri Yojana:PM SHRI Scheme  launched, 14,500 schools to be upgraded

Pm Shri Yojana: – The Prime Minister of our country, Narendra Modi, has announced the launch of a new scheme to give a new look to old schools and connect children with smart education. The name of this scheme is PM SHRI Yojana.

The announcement to launch the scheme has been made by the Prime Minister through a tweet on the occasion of Teachers’ Day on Monday, September  5, 2022. 14500  schools will be developed and upgraded across India under the  Prime Minister School for Rising India (PM-SHRI) scheme.

All these will become model schools and will incorporate the full spirit of the  National Education Policy (NEP).  So let’s know through our article why PM Shri Yojana is being started by the government? Also,  to get all the important information related to PM SHRI Scheme, read our article too.

Pm Shri Yojana
Pm Shri Yojana

PM SHRI Yojana 2023

PM SHRI Yojana has been started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With its help, 14500 old schools will be upgraded across India. Through PM SHRI Yojana, a modern, transformative, and holistic way of imparting education in upgraded schools will be brought in. Special emphasis will be laid on the latest technology, smart classes, sports, and modern infrastructure.

The Prime Minister has tweeted that the National Education Policy has transformed the education sector in recent years, I am sure that PM Shri Schools will benefit millions of students across India in the spirit of NEP.  Through the PM SHRI scheme, the structure of old schools will be made beautiful, strong, and attractive. According to some information, at least one  PM Shri School will be established in every block of the country and one secondary and senior secondary school of every district of the country will also be connected with this scheme.

  1753 schools  of  UP to be upgraded under the PM Shri Yojana

1753  schools of Uttar Pradesh will be developed at a higher level by the Central Government under PM Shri (Prime Minister’s School for Rising India). These schools will also have smart classes, a library, a skill lab, a playground, a computer lab, and other facilities for students.

The central government is committed to making basic and secondary education at a higher level. 89 secondary and 1664 basic education schools have been selected for the implementation of PM SHRI Yojana. By giving a new look to these schools, children will be connected with smart education. A glimpse of all the schools of education policy will be seen in PM Shri Schools of Uttar Pradesh.

 846 schools to be opened in Maharashtra under Pm Shri Yojana

Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde on February 14  said 846  schools in Maharashtra will be developed as leading institutions for imparting high-quality education under the Pradhan Mantri Schools for Rising India scheme. For which the state government has signed an MoU with the central government.  More than 1500 schools will be opened in India in the first phase under the PM Shri scheme. 846 schools will be developed in Maharashtra.

Pm Shri Yojana
Pm Shri Yojana

The Maharashtra government has decided to implement the National Education Policy 2020 in the state as per this agreement. This scheme  will include 60  percent stake of the central government.  An amount of Rs 1 crore 88  lakh will be provided to each school under this scheme for 5  years. This means that the central government  will have a share of Rs 955.98  crore in these schools for 5  years  and the state’s share will  be 40% i.e. Rs 634.50    crore.

That is, the central government  will allocate 75 lakh rupees  to each school for 5 years. In the second phase, schools will be selected from 408 clusters, 28  municipal corporations  and 383  municipalities and municipal councils for the development  of PM Shri schools.

Rs 27,360 crore approved for Pm Shri Yojana

Joy in schools! Big investment in upgrading and restructuring the school. This initiative will benefit the central government, union territory, state and local schools.  More than 18 lakh students are expected to benefit from this. The Union Cabinet approved  the upgradation  of 14,500  schools in five years and the total amount of PM-SRI project worth Rs 27,360 crore for the same.

The Centre will provide Rs. Rs 18,128  crore for the initiative. DBT funding will go directly to schools, headmasters and school committees can decide  how to spend 40%  of their cash. Schools will be “green” using eco-friendly ones. These schools will also examine environmental traditions and practices etc. under this scheme. Schools themselves apply online on the official web portal of the scheme. There are three stages in the selection process. States or UTs have agreed to fully adopt the NEP, and the Centre is committed to helping schools achieve quality assurance.

Pm Shri Yojana Key Features

scheme PM Shri Yojana
Declared By Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Announced Date September  5, 2022 Teacher’s Day
aim Upgrading India’s Old Schools
schools will be upgraded 14,500 schools
Sal tree a timber tree 2022
Type of Scheme Central Government Schemes

14,500 seminaries to be upgraded under Pm Shri Yojana

Through this scheme, about 14500 old seminaries of India will be upgraded. While upgrading these old seminaries, special emphasis will be laid on ultramodern beautiful structures, smart classrooms, sports and other ultramodern structure. All these seminaries will be set up on the lines of Kendriya Vidyalayas which will be established in all the countries of the country.

Under the PM SHRI scheme, the cost of upgrading 14500 seminaries will be borne by the Central Government and the State Government will be given the responsibility to apply and cover the scheme. Through the upgraded academy under this scheme, the children of ordinary people will get a chance to get good education. This will ameliorate their future and they will also be suitable to share in the development of India by being educated.

Objects of Pm Shri Yojana

The main ideal of the PM SHRI Yojana is to upgrade 14,500 old seminaries in India. So that children can be connected to smart education by giving a new look to these seminaries. The PM Shri seminaries upgraded under the PM Shri scheme will have a regard of all the factors of the National Education Policy and will work like exemplary seminaries. piecemeal from this, he’ll also guide other seminaries.

” The ideal of these seminaries won’t only be quality tutoring, literacy and cognitive development but also to produce holistic and completely advanced citizens in line with the skill requirements of the 21st century,” the PMO said. Through the PM SHRI scheme, now poor children will also be suitable to connect with smart seminaries, which will give a different identity to India’s education sector.

What will be special in PM Shri School

  •  The updated PM Shri schools under the PM SHRI Yojana will have latest technology, smart education and modern infrastructure.
  • PMSree schools will have a glimpse of all the components of the National Education Policy (NEP).
  • These schools will also guide other schools around them.
  • These schools will teach from pre-primary to 12th.
  • Apart from this, state-of-the-art labs will be set up in them. So that students can learn from practice in addition to books.
  • This scheme will upgrade PM Shri Schools according to modern needs. This will meet the modern needs of the children and they will be able to receive education in a good environment.

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