Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana 2023.What is Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana ?कर्नाटक गृह ज्योति योजना क्या है ?

Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana 2023.What is Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana ?कर्नाटक गृह ज्योति योजना क्या है ?

Griha Jyoti Yojana


Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana

The Karnataka government has announced a scheme named “Griha Jyoti” to provide free electricity to the Griha Jyoti Yojana.  The scheme was announced by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on June 2, 2023. This scheme is an innovative government initiative for the residents of Karnataka, India.

With an aim to reduce the cost of electricity and improve the standard of living, Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana seeks to reduce the burden of electricity expenses for countless households by providing the benefit of free electricity bills up to 200 units.

 What is Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana?

Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana is a scheme launched by the Government of Karnataka to empower and support the local residents of the state of Karnataka. The scheme aims to reduce electricity expenses by offering up to 200 units of free electricity to eligible beneficiaries. If you are a resident of Karnataka then you can take advantage of this scheme and take special savings on your electricity bills.

Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana’s application process has been made easy and accessible to all. You can select online and offline options to submit your application. You can deposit online or offline,  Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana ensures a favorable experience for all Karnataka residents. The Government of Karnataka has reduced the additional burden on the residents of Karnataka by providing free electricity for up to 200 units.

The residents of Karnataka are getting an opportunity for a bright future with this unprecedented scheme. Apply for Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana today and get the benefits of free electricity under Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana.  Benefits of Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana.

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for free electricity up to 200 units:

  • To qualify for the scheme, residents need to consume  200 units or less of electricity a month.
  • Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana has been implemented in the entire state of Karnataka,
  • Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana can be applied both online and offline.
  • Take advantage of Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana and get special financial savings and better economic welfare potential by reducing your electricity bill.Griha Jyoti Yojana https://mypmyojana.in

Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana Latest Updates

Recently, under the Griha Jyoti Yojana of Karnataka,  there has been an update from the government that the benefit of this scheme will be provided not only to the residents but also to the tenants.

Latest Update – Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana application form link was activated on 19th June 2023. In addition,  more than 55,000 consumers have applied on httpssevasindhugs.karnataka.gov.in/gruhajyothi/directApply on the Seva Sindhu portal.

  •  Initially, the Government of Karnataka had set July 5, 2023, as the last date for online registration for the scheme through the portal, but due to a technical glitch on the portal, the government has not set any deadline now.
  • The official said that if a consumer makes his application in July, then that beneficiary will get the benefit from  August 1.

Eligibility for Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana :

To be eligible for Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana, the following documents have  to be completed

  • This scheme is for the residents of Karnataka. Residents of Karnataka state can register and benefit from the scheme.
  • Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana is applicable to households with household electricity connections.
  • This scheme  is for  all classes of residents of Karnataka

Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana Application Form 2023

The application form for this scheme can be filled out online and offline. The application form for the same will be filled out between June 18 and a specific date 2023. By filling out the application form and verifying with the authority of Karnataka you can avail free electricity up to 200 units in your bill.

Documents required for Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana

Applicants  need to provide the following documents while applying for Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana:

Domicile Certificate:-

The domicile certificate verifies to the Karnataka NivaSio that the beneficiary is a permanent resident of the state.

Aadhar Card:-

The Aadhaar card is a special identity document issued by the Government of India. It is helpful in establishing the identity and address of the applicant.

Mobile Number:-

A valid mobile number is required for communication during the registration process.

Electricity Bill:-

Submitting the electricity bill helps in validating the existing connection and serves as a reference for the applicant’s monthly electricity expenses.

Residents of Karnataka can successfully register and avail the benefits provided by Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana.

Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana registration (online application) starts on 18th June 2023

The application process for Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana has been made to be simple and convenient for residents,  and it is starting from June 15, 2023.

  • To apply for Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana, first of all, you have to go to the Seva Sindhu portal of Karnataka.
  • In this, you can register in it and log in to it.
  • After logging in, you have to choose the scheme and then click on Apply Online.
  • After this, the registration form will open on your screen, in which you have to fill in all the information asked.
  • The beneficiaries will have to upload their Aadhaar card and all the necessary documents sought for registration in this form. In this scheme, it is necessary to link the Aadhaar card to your mobile number and bank account.
  • If a person is unable to register online, he can complete his registration process by visiting Bangalore Forest or Gram Forest Centre.
  • Tenants will have to provide a copy of their lease agreement or voter ID to give the result of their tenancy.

By following this registration process, residents of Karnataka can register for Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana and avail benefits from it.

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Gruh Jyoti Yojana 2023 Offline Submission

To apply offline for this scheme, you have to personally visit the Karnataka Housing Board and get the application form from there. The officer present there will help you to submit it and give you a receipt.

Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana Registration Last Date

There is no last date for application in Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana. Initially, the Karnataka government had set July 5, 2023, as the last date to register online for the scheme through the portal, but due to a technical glitch on the portal, the government has not set any deadline now.

Check Karnataka Griha Jyoti Yojana Application Status

  • If you want to check the status of your registration, then for this you have to log in to the official website.
  • After which you will know the status of your registration.


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